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My interest in computers started at a young age when our family was given our first home desktop computer. I broke it within a few months trying to take it apart on my own. I was curious and naturally wanted to fix it but didn't know quite how until I came across the internet. I'm quite fortunate to have had the internet growing up. I learned a great portion of what I know today from the Youtube videos I watched as a kid. I would grab my hands on any computer I could find for free so I could try to fix them or just take them apart for fun. Eventually I tried building my own computer and that was when I really started to take computers seriously. My passion working with computers drove me to try to start my own business. I went to College of the Redwoods and took computer repair and networking classes before I decided I felt confident enough to start freelance computer work in Humboldt. Along the way I acquired a job at Simply Macintosh in Arcata where I worked for 2 years. I now currently work at Renaissance Computing in Arcata as a computer technician. My goal is to grow my business enough to work full time on my own but until then I enjoy keeping myself busy and my skills sharp. You can read more about my job experience below.

Simply Macintosh
Growing up I never really had access or the money to own an Apple computer. Our computer lab in elementary and middle school is where I started to get familiar with apple computers for the first time. Since we had to use them for school, I had to get familiar with how to to navigate their operating system, which is quite different from a Windows based computer. I was able to build a good foundation of how to us apple computers but still lacked hands on experience repairing apple machines and overall had much more experience with PC's than Mac's. I knew I needed to be more well rounded in both the PC and Mac world to better service our community. When I was 19 I was fortunate to get a position at Simply Macintosh, an independently owned apple authorized retail and repair store. This is where my experience with apple computers really grew and solidified. I spent much of my time selling computers to customers, helping customers with their MAc related problems over the counter, and doing minor repairs and upgrades on Apple machines. I gained so much hands on experience working at this store and had access to all the resources I needed to be more well versed with Apple products. Upon leaving Simply Macintosh, I became much more confident in my ability to repair Apple products and how to use them.
I have been working at Renaissance as a computer technician for a little over six months. I wanted to have a job that would improve my skill set and give me more hands on experience as my business continues to grow. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from a local computer repair store that has been around since the year I was born. It has given me a chance to see what it takes to run a successful business in our community and a great example of how I should run my own. This job has really made me a better computer technician by giving me continued hands on experience and bountiful amounts of computer wisdom from computer techs who have been around since computers first started. It continues to challenge me and give me the support I need to become the best I can be at my profession.

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