Is your laptop screen broken? Will your computer not turn on? You've come to the right place! I specialize in computer repair and can get you back up and running in no time!
Whether you need software upgrades or computer hardware upgrades to boost your computers performance, EZ Drive Computers can help you keep your machine up to date and running at optimal speeds.
I offer one-on-one tutorials on how to operate your computer, how to use various software, navigate the web, and pretty much anything related to technology including smartphones and TV's.
Taking a long time to load webpages or having trouble connecting to the internet? I can diagnose slow internet connections and help you install new network equipment in your home or small business to ensure you get the fastest speed possible.
PC Builds
I can build you a custom PC that is made specifically for you. From the most extreme gaming computer to the most simple workstation, the possibilities are endless. Building a custom PC enables you to pick exactly what you want your computer to be like at an affordable price.
Lost photos, documents, or other sensitive data? EZ Drive can offer solutions to help you get your data back as quickly as possible with confidentiality being our biggest priority. I can also assist in transferring data from one computer to another helping you make it a smooth and seamless experience.

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